Background picture of Carleton Place Town Hall on the Mississippi River. Lanark Parents Virtual Check-In April 9th 2020 3pm

Hi, my name is Matthew Dever, and I’m involved in a lot of education and autism advocacy both locally and in the province.

As we are in a longer time period of parents being home with our kids, many parents have told me of their need for support at this time, but many won’t know what they need or even how to get it during this time.

I’m organizing a weekly Virtual Check-In for parents to talk, vent and ask questions.  I’m inviting people from the Towns & County to participate along with local service providers such as Lanark Community Programs and Open Doors to be part of this hopefully weekly or bi-weekly forum.

We are going to begin this week Thursday April 9th at 3pm. We will start with a one hour window and go from there. 

If this works and there is continued interest, possibly doing this every Friday at 3pm, but we can see what the interest is. 

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below, and you will be e-mailed the details of how to call in or connect to the Virtual Meeting. Keep Safe. 

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