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ECHO Ontario Autism Summer 2020 Popup – Autism Acceptance, August 2020

AIDE Canada Webinar on Housing, February 2021

An Autistic reflection on CASDA Ignite Networks Session – CASDA Summit 2020, October 2020

Shifting Perspectives in Autism: Gaining an Understanding of Neurodiversity, Identity-First Language and Autism Acceptance, November 2020

Upcoming Presentations

“The Language of Acceptance – Changing the Language of Autism and Disability” AEBC International Day for Persons with Disabilities Conference 2021. – December 4, 2021

Housing through an Autism Lens – OCALICONLINE 2021 – November 22, 2021

Navigating Engagement and Advocacy on the International Stage – OCALICONLINE 2021 – November 23, 2021

In The Media

CBC Ottawa about the Housing through an Autism Lens project in early April 2021., CBC Ottawa, April 2021

Autistic adults help develop pathway to independent living, CMHC, October 8, 2021

Want to fix autism services in Ontario? Province must communicate better: parent, CBC Hamilton, June 25, 2019

Ontario Announces Autism Advisory Panel

‘Autism isn’t a thing. It’s how we go about things’ – Bloom, October 9, 2020

AMI Radio Interview – June 24, 2019


Across the Desk – CASDA – Introducing the Canadian Journal of Autism Equity

Across the Desk – CASDA – After the Launch of CJAE

Across the Desk – CASDA – Information Systems

YA! Podcast – The Art of Feeling by Laura Tims

YA! Podcast – Those Who Run In The Sky by Aviaq Johnston

YA! Podcast – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ft. Matt Dever

AMI Radio – Now With Dave Brown – International Day for Persons With Disabilities

Audio & Voice Work

Gremlins 2 Trailer – audio recreated

Lilo & Stitch – She’s touching me!

Ottawa Power Wheelchair Hockey League – Power Surge Promotional Video