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Many people know me because of the advocacy I do in autism and education, locally, provincially and nationally. Or you may know me from my years in IT as programmer, trainer, IT consultant or web & graphics designer. I wear many hats.

But long ago, this domain was used as a blog to do book reviews. I have always loved reading, since before I was 2. I have loved being part of book clubs and especially doing book reports in school. Reading for the sake of reading is fun, and I do it a lot. Reading for the sake of review brings a whole other level of detail when reading a book. It involves picking out themes, and understanding character arcs, as well as relating the book to today, and our own personal journeys. It is immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

So 3 years ago I was fortunate to discover my long time friend of mine, Teffer Adjemian, who started their own podcast for reviewing Young Adult books – YA! Podcast. I listened intently to their first few episodes, and was hooked. They introduced me to books and authors I had not heard of, and I followed along with the books they were reviewing for weeks. They launched an indiegogo campaign to raise money for a sound proof recording booth for the network they are part of – The Upford Network, and I was an early and eager supporter.

One of the perks was to recommend a book for them to review, so I suggested a Dystopian Smackdown – Divergent vs Hunger Games It was very fun to listen to and interact with this podcast as they grew.

Later as they began a Patreon, one of the perks they had for supporters, was the option to “guest host” one of their shows, so I made myself available and the opportunity came as they were looking for patrons to guest host during thier Harry Potter book review series. The Order of The Pheonix is my favourite book in the series, even though many fans do not like this book.

If you want to hear why, and see a different side of me, I encourage you to check out this podcast, and all the other amazing reviews done by Teffer and their podcast team at YA! Podcast. And also consider chipping a few loonies to their indiegogo as they work on raising towards a stretch goal to fund a paid podcasting internship for local youth! Just $200 away. The internship will encompass all areas of podcast production and promotion.

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