It’s been 3 weeks since many parents and professionals connected together in our Special Education Pandemic Distance Learning Roundtable. Parents across Ontario are now in their 6th week of having their children at home with them, and many are still struggling with trying to homeschool their children, with varying degrees of assistance provided by teachers and school boards.

We came up with many recommendations and sent a letter to the Minister of Education with our summary and these important recommendations. I have talked with staff in the ministry, and they have read our letter, and have discussed many of our recommendations.

So let’s checkin. Let’s see if there have been any improvements. Do you have any success stories. Are any families doing better without the supports, or are struggling significantly as they still don’t have any supports.

On Tuesday April 28th, 2020 at 10am, we had a Special Education Check-in. We shared stories, resources, and talked about any new recommendations that will help us all be able to better support our children during these times.

In advance of this, feel free to fill out this form with a quick survey of how you are doing, and any stories you’d like to share about your experience with homeschooling your child with accommodation needs during this pandemic.

We will have notes from the meeting soon. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Special Education Check-In – Learn At Home Week 6 – April 28 2020

  1. kids who have medical issues like mine, might not be able yo join school fir s long time ( until yhrte is a vaccine or better treatment). In that case, how they will be supported at home? I am strugging to make my child sit and work with me at home.

    • We had a good chat this morning, and I am writing a summary that i will be posting tomorrow. We are going to be calling on the Ministry of Education and boards to take into account the needs of every child, and their guaranteed human right to an accommodated education.

      Things have been thrown together and everything has been running loosely without much planning. Now is the time for boards to slow down, and think of better ways to support each of its children. I have a meeting with ministry of education next week whee I hope to continue the conversation. Please fill out our survey on Special Education which we are using to get the data needed to move the school boards to wider support of our kids. Special Education Pandemic Distance Learning Survey

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